Decorative Pavement Markings

Decorative Pavement

Give pedestrians a safe walk route with a decorative flare.

Decorative stamped or unstamped pavement markings from Upper Canada Road Services are the ideal way for municipalities, road constructors, commercial property owners or developers to bring safety to pedestrians while bringing visual appeal to the area.

Upper Canada Road Services’ preformed thermoplastic materials are the perfect solution for streetscapes throughout Ontario. Our decorative stamped pavement markings make for a quick and efficient installation.

When considering the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and public transit riders, these high performance preformed thermoplastic systems are a safer choice and prevent skidding and slipping.

Our decorative stamped pavement markings are the perfect choice for high-traffic crosswalks throughout Ontario because they are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance in comparison to other surfaces such as stamped concrete or paver bricks – not to mention the safety hazards, lengthy installation process and traffic disruption that come with it.

Our decorative pavement markings are the perfect solution for enhancing the visual appearance
and safety of:
  • Urban Crosswalks
  • Medians & Traffic Calming Device Treatments
  • Bike Lanes, Bike Boxes, Bus Lanes & Transit Platforms
  • Sidewalks & Pedestrian Pathways
  • Parking Lot Entrance Features
  • Commercial Entrance Features (Logos & Corporate Branding)

Decorative stamped pavement markings have become the popular choice for many streetscape projects due to the multiple benefits such as improved traffic safety, enhanced visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, municipal and commercial property revitalization, and so much more.

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