Line Painting & Pavement Marking

We recognize that an owner’s investment in pavement marking satisfies two fundamental objectives; assuring vehicle and pedestrian safety, and maintaining property value or public image by way of improved aesthetics.

Line Painting and Pavement Marking

The industry has seen a variety of new pavement marking materials introduced over the last few years. They have been introduced primarily for durability and environmental reasons. Upper Canada Road Services remains current with not only the environmental requirements of the products we apply, but also with their equipment and the techniques used in their application.

We have listed the most common materials below and would be pleased to discuss the balance of their cost and durability with you or your staff.

  • Water-Borne highway traffic paint, OPSS 1716
  • Organic, solvent based highway traffic paint, OPSS 1712
  • Low VOC organic, solvent based highway traffic paint, OPSS 1750
  • Field Reacted Polymeric (also referred to as 2-Part Cold Plastic or MMA), OPSS 1714
  • Thermoplastic, OPSS 1713
  • Preformed tape, OPSS 1715
  • Pavement marking obliteration (removal), by grinding


At Upper Canada Road Services, we have invested in the development of crews and the necessary equipment to perform high-volume roadway center-line and edge-line work utilizing all of these materials and strictly adhering to Ontario Provincial standards specifications (OPSS 710).

We also maintain crews and modern equipment for the specialized hand-work required for symbols, cross walks, stop bars for roads and parking lot painting.

If you would like more details, or require pricing on a specific project, we are always available to help.

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