Water blasting

Pavement Marking Removal
by Water Blasting:

Introducing the newest acquisition to our fleet – our brand new Stripe Hog© SH8000 Water Blaster!

By purchasing the largest water blasting unit in the market, we can offer quick, clean and environmentally friendly line marking removals. What that means to our customers is that we can be on and off your job faster – and roadways or runways can be re-opened to traffic earlier.

On roadways, the double headed unit can be positioned, from tandem, to side-by-side – thus allowing for the rapid removal of single continuous lines or for the simultaneous removal of parallel markings

Runway Rubber Removal and Runway Cleaning:
In airports, as well as cleaning and removing rubber on concrete and asphalt runways, we can fine tune the water pressure of the Stripe Hog to rejuvenate centre line markings, thereby reducing the frequency of centre line painting. In addition, where snow removal equipment has “polished” runway surfaces, they can be quickly re-textured.

The SH8000’s vacuum recovery system allows for the application of new markings in as little as 20 minutes on roadways. In airport emergency situations, we can vacate a runway in less than a minute to permit emergency landings

Success to us at Upper Canada Road Services’ means providing our customers with great service and the constant improvement of our techniques and our technology helps us achieve that. The addition of the Stripe Hog SH8000 water blaster to our fleet exemplifies our commitment to bringing you, our customer, the best the industry has to offer.

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