Rumble Strips & Inlaid Markings

Rumble Strips & Inlaid

For safety rumble strips and inlaid markings that last, choose Upper Canada Road Services.

Roads must be safe, one of the best and most affordable ways for governments, and road owners to meet these requirements is through the utilization of rumble strips and inlaid markings. But how do they help?

Rumble strips – also known as sleeper lines, alert strips, and audible lines – are there to alert a driver of an oncoming potential danger, like the merging of two roads. The rumble strips cause a tactile vibration throughout the car due to the height they are raised from the road. Because cars constantly cross the strips, they must be well laid for maximum durability. When professionally-installed by Upper Canada Road Services, they are a cost-effective and efficient road safety feature.

In contrast, inlaid markings groove the road and apply the markings directly flush with the road surface. Because the markings are level with the road surface the markings avoid all the scraping by the snow plows and which makes the pavement markings last 2x to 3 x longer. Inlaid markings have a higher up front cost but they offer a better value (the net cost is less money) over the long run because the cost of the markings can be amortized over a longer life span.

Money savings aside, the biggest advantage to inlaying your road markings is the road lines will be in place much longer and in better condition than surface applied lines so your road will be safe for the traveling public. Which means less injuries, accidents, and claims.

Our team of road service professional installs rumble strips and inlaid markings across Ontario.

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