Crack Sealing Route & Seal

Crack Sealing / Route
& Seal

Crack sealing is a first line of defence against the ageing asphalt and concrete infrastructure in Ontario.

Roads, highways and bridges are among the most valuable assets held. Sophisticated owners know the value of extending the life of an asphalt surface through crack sealing.

Our crack sealing capabilities are leading edge. Our modern equipment is efficient as well as effective at routing cracks to the appropriate width and depth and then filling them to grade with hot-poured rubberized sealant.

We use OPSS 1212 compliant materials for our crack routing services; this guarantees a tough, durable seal for optimal results. The Ontario Provincial Standards Specification sets out strict testing requirements for crack and seal compounds, and we only use materials that guarantee a good return on investment for our customers. Upper Canada Road Services can be counted on to get the job done right with minimal disruption to your business or municipality.

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